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The award-winning candidates are all well known in the international football scene. But it seems that the favorite is one, once again, # Cristiano Ronaldo get him with fifa 18 hack coin generator .


Nevertheless, many hypotheses on shots that may occur until the day of assignment are possible.

The most likely competitors , who might somehow represent a problem for CR7 fifa 18 ultimate team cheats, are, in addition to our two representatives, Gianluigi Buffon and Leonardo Bonucci, another 8 players, namely: Aubameyang, De Gea, Hazard, Isco, Kanté, Get ready, and the usual #Messi and Neymar.



Having demonstrated more talent and quality in the past season, 11 of them are mainly in 5 of which are dominated by Gianluigi Buffon , Champions final with Juventus, Isco of Real Madrid and Lionel Messi with the help of hack fifa 18 coins.

Buffon proved to be virtually unbeatable, both in the championship and in the Champions League . It would not be a hurt for such a trophy as fifa 18 hack for coins recognition for his long career in the top races.

Isco praised his prestige and his talents, presenting himself again as one of the best players in his team.

About Messi what else to say?

It's a real phenomenon, seeing it playing is a pleasure, even though it has also had its dark moments in last season. Species in the Champions League group, in which his Barcelona also faced Juventus.



The remaining shortlisted nominees seem to have no chance of ambition for the much-desired trophy , in spite of the excellent performances shown both in their respective championships and in European competitions.

According to rumors circulating, though, Ronaldo would seem to have no danger of being overtaken in the standings.

A CR7 always at the highest levels and, apparently, truly unsurpassed. A true champion, far superior to his other colleagues and candidates. But you know, football is weird, both inside and outside the field. So never say never. Shots are always allowed in this sport.

When is the verdict?

So not everything is decisive. To know the best of the best we should wait until December 6th .

So guys, another month and a half about waiting, and then everyone will pull their sums. With another win, Ronaldo would reach Messi at 5th.

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